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How Many Days Does A Spending Objection Result?
Currently, there are a lot of expenses made without your knowledge on credit cards or debit cards that we use from banks. When you encounter such a situation, you should immediately object to the expense.

In order to appeal against expenses, you must first close your credit or debit card to transactions through the ‘Lost/Stolen’ menu by calling customer service. Before making this transaction, be sure to confirm the latest transactions and immediately cancel if you are using internet banking.

Also, note all expenses made without your knowledge, including the date of the transaction and the company name withdrawn, and do not forget to ask your bank customer representative for A ‘expense appeal form’ during the interview. Finally, do not neglect to file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office.

After all these operations, fill out the ‘expense appeal form’you want from your customer representative in accordance with the notes you received in full, and after filling it with a ballpoint pen, scan it with a wet signature and deliver it to your bank customer representative.

How Many Days Does The Spending Appeal Period Last?

Although the spending appeal period varies from 45 days to 90 days;

Maximum 45 days for credit cards,
For debit cards, the duration changes to 90 days.
But these periods are the maximum periods, usually spending objections are concluded within 15 days. An SMS will be sent by the banks when your expenses appeal is completed, or customer service will be notified by calling.

How Does The Spending Objection Pay Off?

Expenses objections vary in returns based on VISA yda Mastercard specifications. Expense objection processes are determined by card payment system organizations according to each card feature, and the rules are detailed in the guidelines. However, here is a point to remember that if the expenditure was made with the approval of SMS, the bank will never refund you. Because the responsibility for SMS belongs to the customer. In addition, although the transaction was made via a virtual card, the expense objection is not accepted and no refund can be made. Because here, we also log in with SMS approval under the responsibility of the customer.

1 week after you complete the expense appeal form and send it to the bank, you are called by the ‘Chargeback team’ for transaction confirmation, and the process of evaluating your expense appeal begins with your confirmation.

My Spending Appeal Ended Negatively What Should I Do?

If your expenses appeal has been negatively concluded by the bank, you are not entitled to an additional appeal. But you can start a legal process related to this, for which you must file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office.

Will Banks Suffer In Spending Appeals?

Banks do not suffer any losses due to expenses objections, because every credit card is insured by another insurance company, and insurance companies, not banks, cover the loss. Each credit card has a Special ‘Assistant Service’, and since this service is available at most banks, appeals are paid through the insurance company.

How can I secure my credit or debit card?

It is possible to secure your credit or debit card. Related banks have existing credit card insurance. At the same time, if you make a lot of purchases over the internet, you can make your purchases using a virtual card. Virtual cards offered by all banks are a free service, but a right offered to all customers. No fees or commissions are charged for virtual cards.

In addition, to secure your credit or debit cards, you can make a transaction using services such as BKM Express and ensure that the transaction takes place without seeing the counterparty's card information.

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