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How To Increase The Additional Account Limit?
In today's economic conditions when looked at in terms of financial costs and benefit from deposit accounts or credit cards, it is seen that in the private sector employee, officer and employee to receive their salaries from the bank in exchange for the salaries they receive, anyone who ‘additional account’ limit defined by banks.

What Is An Additional Account?

An additional account can be defined as a plus account that works connected to accounts located in banks and allows you to withdraw or pay even in cases where there is no money in the account. It can be considered as withdrawing cash from a credit card, and the additional account also pays interest, as well as withdrawing cash from a credit card. But it can be considered a serious solution, especially when it is stuck in cash.

For the most part, banks are generous in defining additional accounts for their salary clients. Because when additional account payment is delayed, banks profit from additional payments such as ‘delay interest’ or ‘ additional account interest’.

For an additional account, banks can request their customers, as well as an additional account can be defined at the desired limits by their customers, in which case a salary can be requested by the bank when the salary customer is not. It is a much easier process for customers who are salary customers to define additional accounts so that they can already reach the salary of the bank customer.

What Does An Additional Account Do?

An additional account is an account that is opened depending on the salary or deposit accounts in the bank.;

Wire transfer / EFT,
It allows many transactions to take place, such as Bill Payment.
In the case of automatic payment instructions, if there is no money in the account, it comes into play, allows you to make payments and is the first solution that comes to mind, especially in urgent cash needs. No fee is paid unless the limit defined as an additional account is used.

How To Make An Additional Account Limit Upgrade?

Additional accounts can be defined by banks or card users, as well as additional account limit upgrades can be performed by the customer or the bank on demand. If you have a request for an additional account limit increase, you must first contact the bank. The bank evaluates your credit score by taking into account your additional account limit increase request and responds positively or negatively. If the payments you need to make to the banks are not regular, your request may be rejected by the bank because your credit rating will also be low. Even on the contrary, if your credit rating is high, you may be notified by the bank that you can increase your additional account limit without making a request. In short, in order to increase your additional account limit, you must first have a salary account, and having a high credit rating is also very important in terms of a positive answer.

How To Reduce Additional Account Limits?

Additional account limit reduction must be requested by the bank. No documents or information are requested by the bank during the limit reduction. But when requesting an increase in the limit, the bank requests additional information or documents if it deems it necessary. Additional account limit reduction is a situation that banks do not want very much, but you can perform this process from branches or through internet banking or customer service.

Additional Account Interest Rates 2020

Additional account interest calculation is made daily, including public holidays or weekend holidays, and is automatically deducted when money is entered into the account to which the additional account is linked. If no special date has been set in terms of the interest calculated for the additional account, the interest is reflected in the account on the last day of each month, and if the money is withdrawn from the account, if it is deposited immediately, there is a 1-day interest processing. According to the banks, the interest rate varies, but the monthly repayment of an additional account of $ 1,000 is on average $ 22.

How To Close An Additional Account?

Before closing an additional account, you must take care that you do not have a debt to your additional account. Or the bank may respond negatively to your application. If you do not have a debt to your additional account, you must also apply in writing to the bank branch where your account was opened. You can send the written petition by fax or leave it by hand to your branch. You can even request an additional transaction account closure by typing in the claims section on your bank's website and track your transactions through the bank's customer service.

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