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Basic Ways To Interpret The Forex Economic Calendar
News published on economic channels, Giant headlines thrown on websites... statements made by the Fed, dollar mimics, emotional writhing of gold... and a very valuable adviser to a forex investor who will compete with Google's professionalism, reflecting their results as a mirror to US; economic calendar

The economic calendar is a powerful guide for the conscious forex investor and forex brokerage firms to appreciate. At the selected date ranges, we can also explain it as an important source where we can track economic data announced or announced in international markets. The act of interpreting the economic calendar, integrated with fundamental analysis, gives broad clues about what will affect your transactions or how you should determine an investment strategy. You may be about to see the moves early and discover ways to win in Forex. But first, you must discover from what point of view you will interpret the economic calendar that will appear as soon as you enter your forex account.

Do Not Neglect The Importance Of Data

The first requirement of economic calendar interpretation is to pay attention to the degrees of importance. In the economic calendar, you can observe which country in which time interval, along with the degree of importance, what data will be disclosed. Data with a high severity indicates harsh movements. It is especially useful to focus on them during your analysis. You should know the impact that moving prices have on the country's economy. Because not every data is of the same importance and will not cause price mobility at the same rate.

Identify Well The Data That Needs To Be Followed

We have just mentioned that economic data will affect prices according to their importance. It is also useful to know which data are in general terms that provide information about the economic strength of a country. Leading data about which data affects the country's economy is at hand. Interest disclosures, non-farm employment change, unemployment and employment rates, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), consumer price index, producer price index, inflation certainly should be followed.

Expectation Figures Affect Your Position

The expectations figures, which are next to the announced figures, are very important for us to direct our movements. Expectations figures show Future figures as a result of surveys with economics professionals. Allows it to be interpreted by comparing with the figures described in the previous period. But there may not be consistency between expectation rates and the data disclosed. It is useful to follow these differences and take positions according to the data described.

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