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What's A Blacklist? How Is He Questioned?
Because banks serve different branches, the number of people who work is too large, and these employees give their customers a loan or credit card, but payments cannot be refunded for some reason. In addition, bank employees are given the necessary warnings about payment, but customers who cannot arrange their payments are blacklisted by the institutions to which the banks are affiliated. If you are experiencing such a situation and ‘Bank Black List query’ process for the continuation of our article should be read.

What's A Blacklist?

It is the name of a list called a black list, where names are written when banks do not make regular payments by credit card users or credit users, preventing them from making new transactions. A black list is a list of only customers who do not make regular payments and have been executed, and a customer whose name is on this list cannot receive a positive response to transactions from any bank.

How To Get Blacklisted?

The most important reason for blacklisting customers is that they are not paid regularly. If a bank does not make credit or credit card payments for 90 days, the legal follow-up process is initiated by the bank and if this customer does not make the payment despite the necessary warnings when the bank's credit rating is reduced, enforcement proceedings are started and the customer is also blacklisted by the bank. The bad part is that a person blacklisted by a bank can certainly not get positive results from banking transactions such as using a loan or getting a credit card.

How Is A Bank Blacklist Questioned?

Black lists of banks are recorded by the Central Bank, and there are multiple ways to query the bank's Black List.

Blacklist inquiry by taking Risk Center report
Blacklist inquiry by applying for application
Blacklist inquiry through central bank

The easiest way for a person to conduct a bank blacklist query is to go to one of the banks where he works and easily find out if he is on the blacklist by applying for a loan from a customer representative. Application conditions can be seen by the bank's customer representative during transactions whether the customer being examined is blacklisted.

He must apply to the General Directorate of the Central Bank with a petition for a blacklist request through the central bank. But because it is a fairly long transaction, it is not a very preferred method by bank customers.

How To Get Off The Blacklist?

A person who finds out that he is on the Black List as a result of Bank Black List interrogation procedures must first exit the Black List in order not to receive negative answers. The only solution is to close the debts as soon as possible. Thus, as a result of closing the debts that cause him to be blacklisted, the person is removed from the blacklist, but banks can continue to respond negatively, acting biased in the face of requests. For this reason, it is best to pay off credit or credit card debts regularly without getting blacklisted. In addition, if it is blacklisted despite everything, it would be the right decision to open a deposit account and instruct the bank to direct payment in order to create the necessary trust environment with the banks.

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