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Will There Be Diesel Vehicles In The Future?
The question of whether a diesel or gasoline vehicle is one of the most curious issues especially for car enthusiasts in our country.When we look at the data, we see that the answer to this question is used in favor of diesel.Because the diesel version of the same brand and model is more expensive than the gasoline version, although the choice is in favor of diesel.One of the biggest reasons for the user's preference for diesel vehicles is undoubtedly the cost of fuel.But recently, the equalization of diesel and gasoline prices makes diesel vehicles lose their advantage in this regard.But the issue that puts the future of diesel vehicles in danger is complete as this is not.

Are Diesel Vehicles Banned?

With the emergence of negative effects of diesel vehicles on human health and environmental pollution, we can say that sales of these vehicles have decreased in European countries.As for air pollution, gasoline vehicles should not be considered very innocent.

The giant German car company's use of fraudulent software on the measurement values of emissions in its diesel-powered vehicles has further fueled the diesel fuel debate.After these discussions, America and some European countries have taken the path of banning diesel-powered vehicles of this company in their countries.

Carbon emulation released by diesel vehicles causes global warming, causes cancer in the human body has been revealed in many studies.

The negative attitude towards diesel vehicles in European countries has been seen to significantly reduce the sales figures of these vehicles.Although car manufacturers are working on more harmless and low-emission diesel fuel, we can say that their future investment is in electric and hybrid fuels.

What Fuel Will The Cars Of The Future Use?

It is certain that there will be no fossil fuel vehicles in the near future.So, what energy source will be used in cars in the future? Although there are many alternative energy sources, we can say that the cars of the future can be electric in terms of availability.

In fact, the adventure of electric cars is not so new. Electric car technology has been used since the beginning of the century.However, these cars could not compete against internal combustion engines due to production costs. Today, we see the widespread use of electric vehicles in many European countries.Although electric cars are beginning to be recognized in our country, great tasks fall on our state for the spread of these cars.With tax breaks and incentives, people's orientation to electric vehicles could be increased.

How long do you think it will take for electric vehicles to become widespread in our country? We would appreciate it if you would indicate it in the comments.

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