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What is TFX Target? How To Remove The Block?
TFX Target is an online platform that can be traded 24 hours a week in precious metals with different currency pairs offered by the England Finance Participation Bank. Because it is a Web-based trading platform, it is an application that can be traded with a user name and password obtained by the bank without the need for any application.

Gram-based transactions can be made in mines such as gold or silver on the TFX Target platform, as well as simultaneous transactions can be made in different currency pairs.


Collateralized Transaction Modules,
Forward transaction modules can perform transactions through two different modules.
When processing modules, the customer can show collateral using the account or accounts he wants. If accounts fall to a minus limit, the TFX Target blocking process enters the circuit and the account is blocked. Blocked amounts will be blocked as long as they have an open position on the platform. In addition, when the customer gives an order, the transaction is blocked over the accounts that were traded for the amount that was subject at the time of the order's execution, and the blocking on the account cannot be removed until the transaction is completed.

Difference between TFX Target and Forex

Forex is a leveraged system, but there is no leverage on the TFX Target platform. In other words, while the leverage system can be traded in the form of 10 and multiples of the current account balance; such a transaction cannot be made on the TFX Target platform. In other words, a $ 100,000 transaction cannot be made with a $ 1000 account on the TFX Target platform.

Another important difference between Forex platforms and the TFX Target platform is spread rates, i.e. scissors ranges. When these rates are examined, it is seen that there are more attractive rates on forex platforms.

In the Forex market, this is different from the arbitrage logic that we will explain below, and if you want to withdraw money from the brokerage firm, which is the amount of your collateral, you cannot withdraw money before the end of the transaction, and if you want to withdraw most of the balance, you will receive a collateral call called ‘Margin Call’.

Trading on TFX Target platform

In order to be able to trade on the TFX Target platform, the accounts available at  must be integrated into the platform. In this way, when trading in different currency pairs, there may be a switch or swap between different demand accounts.

Now, given that we will trade in the EUR-USD currency pair with the money in our account, let's assume that we receive euros corresponding to US $ 1,000. The main reason for choosing this transaction is because we think that the euro will gain value against the USD, in which case we need to have both the USD and the EURO account. If you do not have these accounts, you can easily open an account via the internet branch.

Since we think that the euro will gain value, we must have $ 1,000 in our account. Having the EURO account open will also allow us to transfer the euro corresponding to US $ 1,000 to our account. In this way, we can actively use our account and withdraw money at any time, or we can convert USD into euros, realizing that the advantage has been reversed. In short, transactions on the platform are traded with arbitrage logic.

TFX target block removal

As mentioned above, the accounts are blocked along with the reduction of existing accounts to minus the limit, and the accounts are blocked as long as there is an open position. If a stop order occurs at an exchange rate other than the price you give; if the difference between the order price you give and the order price that has occurred is not in your account, you must immediately transfer money to the account. However, in this case, the existing TFX Target block removal process is performed. The block on TFX Target cannot be removed unless the money transfer process occurs.

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