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What is KMH? What Are Its Features?
KMH, short for overdraft account, is a type of loan that differs from need credit, the limit of which is defined in advance to your non-deposit account and which applies KMH interest, which you can use for your urgent cash needs.

Because it is defined in your deposit account, it is your credit limit that you can use thanks to your 24/7 debit cards. The KMH limit is determined on the initiative of the bank, taking into account your credit rating, and can be determined to be no more than three times your salary if you are a bank salary customer.

What are KMH features?

The KMH limit is the cash limit previously set by the bank and defined in your deposit account. It is a type of loan in which you do not pay any costs or interest if you do not use it, as you have a chance to use it at any time. In addition, thanks to KMH, which you can easily use after working hours, you can make cash withdrawals, as well as pay off your debts such as invoices and credit cards, and perform banking transactions such as remittances and EFT. But you can't transfer money to your investment account using KMH, and you can't buy dollars, gold, stocks.

How much interest is paid for KMH?

By using your KHM limit, if there is no cash available to perform transactions such as cash withdrawals, wire transfers/EFT transactions, bill payments through the demand deposit account, you will ensure that your demand account is reduced to a negative balance, and if there is money entering your demand account, the negative balance will be closed.

When calculating KMH interest, interest is executed by taking into account the valor balance and the interest amount is calculated on a daily basis. The calculated KHM interest and tax liability are also accrued to the due account to which it is connected at the end of the month. If you use all of kmh to provide the necessary cash flow through your account, paying at least the minimum payment amount will prevent you from defaulting.

Overdraft account insurance is a type of insurance that is mainly offered for private sector employees and SMEs. In the event that a person working in the private sector becomes unemployed or works for small and medium-sized businesses progress unexpectedly, the debt of KMH is paid regularly, including interest on KMH, thanks to insurance. Looking at their collateral,

Death Benefit
Accidental Disability Coverage
Involuntary unemployment and Daily hospital coverage are seen to come into play under three different negatives.

If the overdraft account is opened by the KMH bank or at your request, we recommend that you be careful during use as a conscious consumer so as not to have problems in the future.

If you need short-term cash and it is a small amount as a limit, withdrawing cash through KMH instead of withdrawing a loan will give you an advantage. But if you have cash, depositing your KMH debt immediately will help you get your business done in a short time, as well as get rid of extra costs such as credit costs.

If you have a plan to withdraw and close a loan for less than 3 months, using KMH instead of paying the loan costs and paying KMH interest will save you a serious expense.

Even if KMH is defined as a type of loan, it is not literally a loan. Interest is charged at the end of the day along with your minus balance, and on a certain day of the month, such as the account deduction date available on the credit card, which usually coincides with the end of the month, if you have money in your deposit account as a debt, it is automatically deducted. If you do not have a surplus money, KMH interest is deducted from your money found in kmh, causing you to borrow even more. For this reason, KMH should not be used with credit in mind and payments should be made regularly.

Customer complaints in KMH interest calculations

Bank customers have complaints about KMH interest calculations and share their complaints on complaint sites on the internet. In order to avoid such situations, we recommend that you regularly monitor your accounts and check whether they are wrong.

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