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Do banks have to configure?
Although public banks receive a strong demand for bank configuration, especially due to low interest rates, as with other banks, requests for configuration due to interest losses are not answered positively by banks. Because banks do not want to increase the interest loss by adding a credit configuration to the heavy demand in deposit accounts due to high interest rates.

What Is Bank Configuration?

In case of urgent need for cash, the bank configuration, which is one of the methods referred to, can be defined as an extension of the maturity period as a result of calculating the current loan debt according to the current configuration interest rates. Along with the configuration, there is an extension of the maturity period, as well as a decrease in monthly installment amounts.

However, the configuration that should be considered here is interest rates. Because configuration interest rates may be different and higher than current interest rates. For this reason, by learning the configuration interest rate from the bank, if there is a more appropriate payment plan than the amount of the loan being paid, the configuration will be a healthy decision.

What Are The Bank Configuration Requirements?

People who are delayed in principal or interest payments on loans or credit card payments needed for bank configuration can request configuration by applying along with identity documents and payroll. Bank configuration is carried out with a maximum maturity of 60 months and interest rates are determined according to the maturity rate

Bank configuration will be carried out within the framework of legal legislation and is evaluated by taking into account additional criteria in favor of the citizen. In addition, Life Insurance is made on demand, especially in need loans, while the client is not asked for a guarantor during the configuration.

The bank must not charge any application fees for the configuration, and can configure both credit cards and credit needs under the combined need credit. In addition, although there is no limit for debt, payment criteria are determined by taking into account the person's income level in credit card configurations.

What Should Be Done When The Bank Does Not Configure?

Bank configuration is made for overdue and unpaid credit card or need loans, and no configuration can be made for debts that have been legally monitored. The bank may also respond negatively to mortgage loan configuration requests due to interest rates. In addition, since the payment criteria will also be taken into account during the configuration, the bank may not configure, and in this case, it may be preferable to close the debt by requesting a debt transfer through another bank. But if the bank does not configure again, despite the fact that the criteria are met, the bank that does not configure can be complained about.

A Bank That Does Not Configure, Where To Complain?

There are many channels for complaints about a bank that does not configure it.

At the beginning of the complaint methods, in addition to applying with a petition to the bank, the problem can also be transmitted to the bank through an internet branch or call center. Although it does not matter where the application was made here, it is important that the information provided is accurate. If the complaint is submitted to the bank in writing, the bank must return the settlement within 30 days. The bank's time to respond to credit card problems is 20 days, but the bank can ask the customer for an additional 10 days by providing information.
If a solution cannot be found by the bank, the top authority for the complaint is the Turkish Arbitration Committee. A petition must be written and sent by mail, fax or hand, and correspondence with the bank must be submitted to the Turkish Arbitration Committee.
Finally, a bank that does not make a configuration can be complained by filling out the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Authority complaint form via electronic media, clicking on the I want to file a complaint section, explaining the problems on the page that opens and following the necessary instructions.

Bank Configuration Interest Rates

Since there is a new loan opening during the bank configuration process, interest rates vary according to banks, but the loan maturity also affects the interest rate. Interest rates in a bank configuration with a maximum maturity of 60 months are lower in public banks.
By structuring the bank's credit needs, it can be reduced by extending the maturity and reducing the amount of installments, as well as by increasing the amount of installments.

Does the bank have to configure it?

If credit or credit card installments cannot be paid, the consumer should contact his bank with a configuration request. If not, the bank makes a configuration by looking at the consumer's credit record, and as a result, there may be a configuration with high interest rates. For this reason, in case of delay, the bank will notify the bank and the bank configuration request will not be initiated in case of legal follow-up, the person's bank record will not be affected much more negatively and the problem will be solved in a short time. Otherwise, if the debt is not paid by the bank, the consumer will be given enforcement and will be subject to higher interest rates or even heavier sanctions.

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