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  What Is The Risk Center Report? What Does It Do?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:16 PM - Forum: Housing Loans - No Replies

A report containing information such as credit and credit cards, protested promissory notes, check information paid in case of payment or submission, check that has been processed unanswered, and checks paid after, by the RRisk Center, is called a Risk Center report. The Risk Center report includes credit payment information for the last 5 years along with active information.

A positive or negative assessment at the time of applying for a loan is determined by the Credit risk Report along with the credit rating, and the credit rating is also information prepared by the credit Registration Bureau (KKB).

What Is The Risk Center Report?

A Risk report is a report that contains records of credit or credit card payments by both individuals and institutions. In the report, debt information is also detailed along with debt that is excluded from payments to credit or credit cards. As a result of the latest regulations made in 2013, bill payments have also been turned into another item included in the risk Report. The risk Report created by the Risk Center affects your credit score and has a positive impact on your credit score if payments are regular.

Although there is no guarantee that the person will make regular payments on credit or credit cards with the Risk report, it provides an idea of their payment habits.

What Does The Risk Center Report Do?

The Risk Center report serves to reduce the risks present in trade. For example, you will rent out your shop to a person and you can decide whether to trade with that person by examining the Risk Report. Although the Risk Center report also affects your credit score, there are four different risk reports.

Credit risk with credit Limit and receivables to be liquidated report,
Czech Report,
Protest Bill Report,
Negative Qualified Personal Loans Report
A Risk report can be obtained by applying to banks in person, as it is also necessary for credit assessments, and can be requested by applying to the Risk Center institution of the Association of banks of England by mail or e-mail.

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  What Is A Wealth Fund? What Does It Do?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:14 PM - Forum: Currency - No Replies

What Is A Wealth Fund?

Asset funds are funds created to evaluate different assets so that the excess resources that countries have are not wasted , and can be transferred to future generations in a healthier way.

Asset funds are funds created to evaluate different assets so that the excess resources that countries have are not wasted , and can be transferred to future generations in a healthier way.In some countries, some of the income from certain natural resources is held and managed in certain funds to flow in future generations.In short, asset funds are structures created to transfer resources that the state does not spend or cannot spend to future generations.

For What Purpose Was The England Wealth Fund Established?

The England Wealth Fund was established in August 2016 to manage companies affiliated to the prime ministry, to bring kamua-owned assets into the economy ,to provide a variety of instruments in the capital markets , to provide outsourcing , to participate in large-scale investments. TVF aims to support domestic companies in areas such as defense , aerospace and software.In addition ,financing major projects such as the third bridge, Kanal Istanbul, nuclear power plants are also among the goals of TVF. TVF can also be used to prevent fluctuations in the markets and to combat economic terrorism.

What can TVF do?

The Asset Fund of England has the authority to make all kinds of financial transactions.It can partner with domestic and foreign companies, cooperate with national and international organizations.It can buy and sell stocks on the stock market, buy bonds,trade in the foreign exchange market , buy and sell gold and real estate. There are no restrictions on the activities of TVF.

What Is TVF's Source Of Revenue?

Sources of income of the fund are budget surpluses , natural resources, resources derived from the assessment of the company's capital, fund and portfolio income, and resources derived from other activities of the company.

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  What Should A Small Investor Invest In?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:12 PM - Forum: Currency - No Replies

Currently, the variety and number of investment instruments have increased considerably. This has led people to new types of investment, and it still continues to direct them. In the past , people were planning to start a business with the money they had, while today people are looking to make money from money and replicate their earnings with less risk with exchange rate changes in investment instruments. If the amount we have is limited and we are in the small investor category, what should we invest? In this article, we will give you information about what small investor should invest.

Footnote: This article is not strictly investment advice, but simply an article in which developments are interpreted and forecasts are shared.

What Should The Small Investor Look Out For?

The first thing that comes to mind when the word investment is called is a big investment. But for investment, there is not always a need for a lot of money. Even with small investments, we can fold our money and move into different areas that are on the rise.

Small investors are no different from large investors if they have sufficient knowledge and investment types. But just as every investor should pay attention, there are some considerations that those in the small investor category should pay attention to.

These considerations;

As a small investor, you certainly don't need anyone's guidance. Especially for accurate information , stay away from groups that direct you to invest and spread rumors. Because in the stock market , everyone looks at their own profit, there can be big games with rumors and the direction of the segment that believes in these rumors, which always damages the group that acts according to the rumor.

As a small investor , you always have the risk of losing, damaging and sinking, as in the category of large investors. But even if big investors lose an amount they have , they don't mind it because it's not the only investment tools and they still have large amounts of money in their hands.

Because small investors always enter this business in small amounts and have limited opportunities, they suffer a great defeat when they lose. So the amount you risk should be the amount that won't upset you.

What Should A Small Investor Invest In?

Gram gold: Gram gold is the lowest priced gold in the Gold category. Gram gold is an investment tool that is currently popular and is constantly growing. In addition , being accessible with low budgets, not much difference between the purchase and sale price will not hurt the Small Investor.
In addition, Gram gold has several other advantages over other types of gold. In addition , since there is no fixed amount, you can buy as much as you want and sell it by determining the amount at any time.

Stock: a stock investment that is a favorite of large investors can work for small investors . Although taking a share of the shares of some publicly traded companies often saves money, it is an investment that requires patience. In other words, after investing, there is no situation where I earn and cash immediately. All you have to do after investing is wait patiently. Of course, as with any investment, there are risks in this. We think it would be in your best interest to wait without paying attention to the falls. So , if you think about which one I should buy, you can look at our article on which stock I should buy.

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  Advice To Stock Market Newcomers
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:10 PM - Forum: Currency - No Replies

Most investors who want to make money quickly and easily think that the stock market is a good investment tool to achieve this dream.But to make money in the stock market requires patience, discipline and knowledge.Although the stock market does not have a formula for exact earnings, we will talk about some golden rules that will increase your odds of winning.

1-Avoid Herd Psychology
Generally, investors tend to invest in most of the most invested stocks.But this strategy may not succeed in the long term.An ever-rising stock will start to attract more investors.But no stock can sustain its rise forever.If you can't enter a rising stock at the time you need to enter it, you are likely to lose it in the long run.

2-Research The Shares You Will Invest In
Proper research should be done before investing in a stake.But most investors don't.Most investors have no information other than the name of the company and industry in which they invest.Every aspect of the company invested should be investigated.

3-Be A Disciplined Investor
Being patient and disciplined is the golden rule of being a good investor.You usually see that investors who are hurting in the stock market are impatient and panicking investors.During periods of activity in markets, these investors are likely to make decisions in the wrong direction.

4-Control Your Emotions
Most investors lose money in the stock market due to their inability to control their feelings, such as greed and fear.Most people have a sense of making money quickly and easily.Investors are greedy with the dream of getting rich in the stock market soon.It is difficult for investors in this situation to make healthy decisions.When things don't go their way, they're likely to get scared and make the wrong decision.

5-Diversify Your Investment
Diversifying assets in your portfolio will minimize your risk of loss.Avoid investing in a single asset if you do not want to take too much risk.Bad scenarios can affect your entire investment.

6-Set Long-Term Goals
Before investing in the stock market, determine your goals and when you want to get back the money you invested.The stock market can be a risky investment tool for you if you are considering short-term investment.The money you invest in the stock market should be money you won't need in the long run.Remember that in the short term you are as likely to lose as you are to win.

7-Monitor The Market
Major events happening anywhere in the world can affect our financial markets.For this reason, we must constantly monitor our portfolio, monitor events that will affect the market.If you are unable to keep track of your portfolio, you should seek help from a consultant who can do so.If you can't keep track of it constantly, the stock market may not be the right investment tool for you.How to track shares in the stock exchange?

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  How Many Days Does A Spending Objection Result?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:07 PM - Forum: Stocks - No Replies

Currently, there are a lot of expenses made without your knowledge on credit cards or debit cards that we use from banks. When you encounter such a situation, you should immediately object to the expense.

In order to appeal against expenses, you must first close your credit or debit card to transactions through the ‘Lost/Stolen’ menu by calling customer service. Before making this transaction, be sure to confirm the latest transactions and immediately cancel if you are using internet banking.

Also, note all expenses made without your knowledge, including the date of the transaction and the company name withdrawn, and do not forget to ask your bank customer representative for A ‘expense appeal form’ during the interview. Finally, do not neglect to file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office.

After all these operations, fill out the ‘expense appeal form’you want from your customer representative in accordance with the notes you received in full, and after filling it with a ballpoint pen, scan it with a wet signature and deliver it to your bank customer representative.

How Many Days Does The Spending Appeal Period Last?

Although the spending appeal period varies from 45 days to 90 days;

Maximum 45 days for credit cards,
For debit cards, the duration changes to 90 days.
But these periods are the maximum periods, usually spending objections are concluded within 15 days. An SMS will be sent by the banks when your expenses appeal is completed, or customer service will be notified by calling.

How Does The Spending Objection Pay Off?

Expenses objections vary in returns based on VISA yda Mastercard specifications. Expense objection processes are determined by card payment system organizations according to each card feature, and the rules are detailed in the guidelines. However, here is a point to remember that if the expenditure was made with the approval of SMS, the bank will never refund you. Because the responsibility for SMS belongs to the customer. In addition, although the transaction was made via a virtual card, the expense objection is not accepted and no refund can be made. Because here, we also log in with SMS approval under the responsibility of the customer.

1 week after you complete the expense appeal form and send it to the bank, you are called by the ‘Chargeback team’ for transaction confirmation, and the process of evaluating your expense appeal begins with your confirmation.

My Spending Appeal Ended Negatively What Should I Do?

If your expenses appeal has been negatively concluded by the bank, you are not entitled to an additional appeal. But you can start a legal process related to this, for which you must file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office.

Will Banks Suffer In Spending Appeals?

Banks do not suffer any losses due to expenses objections, because every credit card is insured by another insurance company, and insurance companies, not banks, cover the loss. Each credit card has a Special ‘Assistant Service’, and since this service is available at most banks, appeals are paid through the insurance company.

How can I secure my credit or debit card?

It is possible to secure your credit or debit card. Related banks have existing credit card insurance. At the same time, if you make a lot of purchases over the internet, you can make your purchases using a virtual card. Virtual cards offered by all banks are a free service, but a right offered to all customers. No fees or commissions are charged for virtual cards.

In addition, to secure your credit or debit cards, you can make a transaction using services such as BKM Express and ensure that the transaction takes place without seeing the counterparty's card information.

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  Pending transactions in provision, How long it takes and cancellation
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:05 PM - Forum: Stocks - No Replies

The provision process, expressed as pre-approval in the banking market, is called all of the mandatory checks made by companies that shop for the expenses of people with credit cards. If the credit card limit that individuals have is available, they can cover the amount of purchases that will be made, because the card is not fake or stolen in terms of use, it covers all authorization operations.

What Does A Pending Transaction Mean In A Provision?

It is called transactions that your bank holds in pre-approval to verify your expenses, information and card. In other words, we can also define provision as measures taken to prevent and prevent malicious people. Banks hold transactions for a certain period of time only in order to protect their customers.

Transactions made by individuals during the day often remain in provision until the end of the day. Just because transactions are pre-approved does not mean that your purchase amount is not withdrawn from your card. The amount you have spent is deducted from your credit card, but it is added to your spending for the period when pre-approval is received. During this time, you have the opportunity to installment or postpone your expenses according to the bank you are connected to.

If there are no security problems in your expenses, the transaction held in the provision will be approved the next day. It is then registered on your card and usually the provision period does not last longer than 1 day. But if the pos device where the transaction is performed and the banks to which the credit card you are using are different, the provision period may be 2 days. In the face of such situations, you can contact your own bank to get detailed information about the transaction that took place.

How Long Does The Pending Process Take On The Provision?

After the transactions are made, the seller requests payment from your bank. At this time, all customer information is controlled, and if the control is successful, the payment is reflected to the seller. On the other hand, the debt is added to the customer simultaneously. The provision period usually lasts 1 day, but if the banks of your card with a different pos machine are different from each other, this period can reach 2 days. The provision period lasts a maximum of 7 days, and for international payments, this period can be even longer. For example, the AliExpress provisioning period is more than 15 days.

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  What Is Swift's Fee?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:04 PM - Forum: Stocks - No Replies

Most people don't know about Swift. There may even be those who have heard this word for the first time, because those who are not interested in foreign accounts do not have enough knowledge of what it means. But in most areas of globalized life, foreign currency transfers are increasing every day. So we're trying to keep up with it. Then let's make sure you know about all the questions that have been asked about Swift.

What Is Swift?

The code system that provides the standard for the transfer of electronic funds in foreign currency within the international banking system is called Swift. Swift was founded in 1973. This system attempts to minimize the duration of fund transfers that banks make between themselves. Letters of credit notified within these codes do not require a different confirmation. Therefore, this system identifies all banks thanks to Bank Identifier Codes.

How Does The Swift System Work?

The system is divided into 3 groups as receiving bank, intermediary bank and sending bank. 3 banks are included for transactions, and the transfer is more expensive than a normal transfer or EFT in terms of taking place between banks in different countries. Your own bank, the intermediary bank and the receiving bank each charge a commission fee.

Due to the fact that the transfer travels through 3 different banks, it sometimes takes weeks for the transfer to reach its place. But because of the agreements between the banks themselves, this can sometimes be within a few hours, sometimes minutes.

Although very rare, this period can be even longer if your money is stuck under the supervision of the Central Bank.

How to Transfer with Swift code?

In order to make a currency transfer transaction, you must first have a currency account and a TL account where the transaction fee can be deducted. If you want, you can learn the swift code from the bank, if you want, you can also make a swift transaction with the first letter of the bank in the country with the information about the country in which the bank is located, along with the first 3 letters of the bank or branch in which the currency transfer will take place.

In addition, you can also make these transactions using internet banking... you can access the branches and branch numbers of banks entered into the swift system that meet the requirements found on the information screen. If the bank to which you will transfer foreign currency is not included in the list, you can go to your branch and get detailed information.

When does the money sent with the Swift code arrive?

If the entry time in the Swift transaction occurred before 17:00, the currency transfer is made within 2 business days, if it occurred after 17: 00, it is made within 3 business days. However, some banks may be able to make Swift transactions even faster by requiring additional payments before 13:45 for transfers such as euros, dollars and pounds to pass on the same day.

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  Do banks have to configure?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:01 PM - Forum: Credit Cards - No Replies

Although public banks receive a strong demand for bank configuration, especially due to low interest rates, as with other banks, requests for configuration due to interest losses are not answered positively by banks. Because banks do not want to increase the interest loss by adding a credit configuration to the heavy demand in deposit accounts due to high interest rates.

What Is Bank Configuration?

In case of urgent need for cash, the bank configuration, which is one of the methods referred to, can be defined as an extension of the maturity period as a result of calculating the current loan debt according to the current configuration interest rates. Along with the configuration, there is an extension of the maturity period, as well as a decrease in monthly installment amounts.

However, the configuration that should be considered here is interest rates. Because configuration interest rates may be different and higher than current interest rates. For this reason, by learning the configuration interest rate from the bank, if there is a more appropriate payment plan than the amount of the loan being paid, the configuration will be a healthy decision.

What Are The Bank Configuration Requirements?

People who are delayed in principal or interest payments on loans or credit card payments needed for bank configuration can request configuration by applying along with identity documents and payroll. Bank configuration is carried out with a maximum maturity of 60 months and interest rates are determined according to the maturity rate

Bank configuration will be carried out within the framework of legal legislation and is evaluated by taking into account additional criteria in favor of the citizen. In addition, Life Insurance is made on demand, especially in need loans, while the client is not asked for a guarantor during the configuration.

The bank must not charge any application fees for the configuration, and can configure both credit cards and credit needs under the combined need credit. In addition, although there is no limit for debt, payment criteria are determined by taking into account the person's income level in credit card configurations.

What Should Be Done When The Bank Does Not Configure?

Bank configuration is made for overdue and unpaid credit card or need loans, and no configuration can be made for debts that have been legally monitored. The bank may also respond negatively to mortgage loan configuration requests due to interest rates. In addition, since the payment criteria will also be taken into account during the configuration, the bank may not configure, and in this case, it may be preferable to close the debt by requesting a debt transfer through another bank. But if the bank does not configure again, despite the fact that the criteria are met, the bank that does not configure can be complained about.

A Bank That Does Not Configure, Where To Complain?

There are many channels for complaints about a bank that does not configure it.

At the beginning of the complaint methods, in addition to applying with a petition to the bank, the problem can also be transmitted to the bank through an internet branch or call center. Although it does not matter where the application was made here, it is important that the information provided is accurate. If the complaint is submitted to the bank in writing, the bank must return the settlement within 30 days. The bank's time to respond to credit card problems is 20 days, but the bank can ask the customer for an additional 10 days by providing information.
If a solution cannot be found by the bank, the top authority for the complaint is the Turkish Arbitration Committee. A petition must be written and sent by mail, fax or hand, and correspondence with the bank must be submitted to the Turkish Arbitration Committee.
Finally, a bank that does not make a configuration can be complained by filling out the Banking Regulatory and Supervisory Authority complaint form via electronic media, clicking on the I want to file a complaint section, explaining the problems on the page that opens and following the necessary instructions.

Bank Configuration Interest Rates

Since there is a new loan opening during the bank configuration process, interest rates vary according to banks, but the loan maturity also affects the interest rate. Interest rates in a bank configuration with a maximum maturity of 60 months are lower in public banks.
By structuring the bank's credit needs, it can be reduced by extending the maturity and reducing the amount of installments, as well as by increasing the amount of installments.

Does the bank have to configure it?

If credit or credit card installments cannot be paid, the consumer should contact his bank with a configuration request. If not, the bank makes a configuration by looking at the consumer's credit record, and as a result, there may be a configuration with high interest rates. For this reason, in case of delay, the bank will notify the bank and the bank configuration request will not be initiated in case of legal follow-up, the person's bank record will not be affected much more negatively and the problem will be solved in a short time. Otherwise, if the debt is not paid by the bank, the consumer will be given enforcement and will be subject to higher interest rates or even heavier sanctions.

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  How To Increase The Additional Account Limit?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 05:59 PM - Forum: Credit Cards - No Replies

In today's economic conditions when looked at in terms of financial costs and benefit from deposit accounts or credit cards, it is seen that in the private sector employee, officer and employee to receive their salaries from the bank in exchange for the salaries they receive, anyone who ‘additional account’ limit defined by banks.

What Is An Additional Account?

An additional account can be defined as a plus account that works connected to accounts located in banks and allows you to withdraw or pay even in cases where there is no money in the account. It can be considered as withdrawing cash from a credit card, and the additional account also pays interest, as well as withdrawing cash from a credit card. But it can be considered a serious solution, especially when it is stuck in cash.

For the most part, banks are generous in defining additional accounts for their salary clients. Because when additional account payment is delayed, banks profit from additional payments such as ‘delay interest’ or ‘ additional account interest’.

For an additional account, banks can request their customers, as well as an additional account can be defined at the desired limits by their customers, in which case a salary can be requested by the bank when the salary customer is not. It is a much easier process for customers who are salary customers to define additional accounts so that they can already reach the salary of the bank customer.

What Does An Additional Account Do?

An additional account is an account that is opened depending on the salary or deposit accounts in the bank.;

Wire transfer / EFT,
It allows many transactions to take place, such as Bill Payment.
In the case of automatic payment instructions, if there is no money in the account, it comes into play, allows you to make payments and is the first solution that comes to mind, especially in urgent cash needs. No fee is paid unless the limit defined as an additional account is used.

How To Make An Additional Account Limit Upgrade?

Additional accounts can be defined by banks or card users, as well as additional account limit upgrades can be performed by the customer or the bank on demand. If you have a request for an additional account limit increase, you must first contact the bank. The bank evaluates your credit score by taking into account your additional account limit increase request and responds positively or negatively. If the payments you need to make to the banks are not regular, your request may be rejected by the bank because your credit rating will also be low. Even on the contrary, if your credit rating is high, you may be notified by the bank that you can increase your additional account limit without making a request. In short, in order to increase your additional account limit, you must first have a salary account, and having a high credit rating is also very important in terms of a positive answer.

How To Reduce Additional Account Limits?

Additional account limit reduction must be requested by the bank. No documents or information are requested by the bank during the limit reduction. But when requesting an increase in the limit, the bank requests additional information or documents if it deems it necessary. Additional account limit reduction is a situation that banks do not want very much, but you can perform this process from branches or through internet banking or customer service.

Additional Account Interest Rates 2020

Additional account interest calculation is made daily, including public holidays or weekend holidays, and is automatically deducted when money is entered into the account to which the additional account is linked. If no special date has been set in terms of the interest calculated for the additional account, the interest is reflected in the account on the last day of each month, and if the money is withdrawn from the account, if it is deposited immediately, there is a 1-day interest processing. According to the banks, the interest rate varies, but the monthly repayment of an additional account of $ 1,000 is on average $ 22.

How To Close An Additional Account?

Before closing an additional account, you must take care that you do not have a debt to your additional account. Or the bank may respond negatively to your application. If you do not have a debt to your additional account, you must also apply in writing to the bank branch where your account was opened. You can send the written petition by fax or leave it by hand to your branch. You can even request an additional transaction account closure by typing in the claims section on your bank's website and track your transactions through the bank's customer service.

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  What's A Blacklist? How Is He Questioned?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 05:57 PM - Forum: Credit Cards - No Replies

Because banks serve different branches, the number of people who work is too large, and these employees give their customers a loan or credit card, but payments cannot be refunded for some reason. In addition, bank employees are given the necessary warnings about payment, but customers who cannot arrange their payments are blacklisted by the institutions to which the banks are affiliated. If you are experiencing such a situation and ‘Bank Black List query’ process for the continuation of our article should be read.

What's A Blacklist?

It is the name of a list called a black list, where names are written when banks do not make regular payments by credit card users or credit users, preventing them from making new transactions. A black list is a list of only customers who do not make regular payments and have been executed, and a customer whose name is on this list cannot receive a positive response to transactions from any bank.

How To Get Blacklisted?

The most important reason for blacklisting customers is that they are not paid regularly. If a bank does not make credit or credit card payments for 90 days, the legal follow-up process is initiated by the bank and if this customer does not make the payment despite the necessary warnings when the bank's credit rating is reduced, enforcement proceedings are started and the customer is also blacklisted by the bank. The bad part is that a person blacklisted by a bank can certainly not get positive results from banking transactions such as using a loan or getting a credit card.

How Is A Bank Blacklist Questioned?

Black lists of banks are recorded by the Central Bank, and there are multiple ways to query the bank's Black List.

Blacklist inquiry by taking Risk Center report
Blacklist inquiry by applying for application
Blacklist inquiry through central bank

The easiest way for a person to conduct a bank blacklist query is to go to one of the banks where he works and easily find out if he is on the blacklist by applying for a loan from a customer representative. Application conditions can be seen by the bank's customer representative during transactions whether the customer being examined is blacklisted.

He must apply to the General Directorate of the Central Bank with a petition for a blacklist request through the central bank. But because it is a fairly long transaction, it is not a very preferred method by bank customers.

How To Get Off The Blacklist?

A person who finds out that he is on the Black List as a result of Bank Black List interrogation procedures must first exit the Black List in order not to receive negative answers. The only solution is to close the debts as soon as possible. Thus, as a result of closing the debts that cause him to be blacklisted, the person is removed from the blacklist, but banks can continue to respond negatively, acting biased in the face of requests. For this reason, it is best to pay off credit or credit card debts regularly without getting blacklisted. In addition, if it is blacklisted despite everything, it would be the right decision to open a deposit account and instruct the bank to direct payment in order to create the necessary trust environment with the banks.

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