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  The Sine Qua Non Of Creating A Trading Strategy In Forex
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:42 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Forex, which is preferred by investors who want to improve their existing capital by trading in financial markets, stands out with its advantages. Of course, we can't talk about risk-free forex. But seeing the risks first allows the damage to be lower than the return. Because investor psychology can be constantly based on winning, it is also difficult to admit that it is wrong. In these cases, the tendency to take risks rises, while the expectation of return falls over time. If the risk is greater than the targeted return, it means that a strategy is being followed that is contrary to forex logic. In order for all this not to happen, trading discipline and strategy are needed, rather than directions involving emotions. After setting healthy and regular return targets for making money with Forex, investing by applying daily trading strategies is the general condition of success.

The First Step Is To Look At Price Movements

The first step in building your strategy is to analyze the price movements shown by charts throughout the day. Information about instant price movements is obtained using Trend lines and triangle formations, increasing and decreasing trading volumes are observed. This transaction determines at which point to enter and exit the transaction. When graphic formations are used appropriately, you can easily reach the most reliable entry and exit points.

Scalping The Most Popular Of Strategies

The investor's most popular profit strategy is scalping. It is often used in transactions during the day. Scalping, which is never missing from the strategies of those who want to profit from instant price movements, performs the targeted return in less time under the influence of leverage. The most common strategy implemented in scalping is to immediately change the direction of the position as the transaction becomes profitable.

Essential trading strategies; Stop-loss

Determination of the stop loss point should be strictly present in trading strategies. Because stop-loss allows you to create a defense against sharp price movements. Stop loss orders are usually placed 15 pips down from the last bottom point of the price chart, while Buy profit orders are placed twice as high as the range from the current price level to stop loss level. But the points determined vary according to the strategy.

Beware Of Classic Strategy Mistakes!

Finally, it is necessary to talk about strategy mistakes made in the forex market. It is useful to know the mistakes that many investors fall into when creating strategies and avoid them. Among them, the most common mistake is to open an excessive position according to the collateral. This action will also risk increasing your losses. Creating a position against the trend, that is, thinking that the trend can end at any moment, taking a position in the opposite direction is again one of the most common mistakes. Be careful not to trade at a single parity without providing risk distribution, and stick to the plans, strategies, and goals you have set without taking your position unless otherwise.

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  Features Of Forex Investments
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:40 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

5 days a week in the form of 24/7 services without interruption, the best forex traders earn quite high coins. Features of Forex investments you can evaluate the best forex platform through the Forex market platform and contribute your comments. You should be aware of some features when making your investments. Also doing research and research on moving a forex account abroad can open different windows for you about your foreign forex investments.

To mention some of these features;

Has a global market,
Controlled by different leverage ratios,
You can invest in a forex site with features such as how many ways you can trade
When making these investments  it will benefit you to browse the review category of Foreign Forex sites located in.

Advantages Of Forex Investments

FX, one of the most preferred investment tools around the world, can earn good money for forex traders who have the goal of trading in this market. You can perform forex market transactions wherever there is internet. You can buy any stock you want and earn big bucks. You are likely to live in losses as you can generate a lot of income in a short period of time. Therefore, it is useful to trade in this market by training to be aware of the risks of the forex market. With the availability of a leverage ratio, the return on forex usage is quite high. The return of these leverage ratios to the investor is very high from time to time, and the loss can be high.

What To Know To Be In The Forex Market

For new entrants to the Forex market, they need to do good research. This research  you can easily do it and get information through the site. You can look at the investment models that are suitable for you through the Site.

It will be useful for the investor entering the new market to work with an intermediary institution. After determining the decision to enter the market, you must open your account and now add your investment money to your forex account. After adding this money, you can make the appropriate investment for yourself.

Identifying The Best Forex Companies

To choose the best forex company, you need to look at several criteria. Of course, these criteria can sometimes vary from person to person.

Let's briefly specify these criteria.

Subject of license and regulation
The Subject Of Withdrawals
Sperad Ratios
These criteria are very important and will help you determine the best forex company. If you want to know about these criteria you can easily get information through the site.

About licensing and regulation
It has an important factor in determining the best forex companies.

If we give some information about the license, regulation, regulator;

License: This is a document issued by the regulator to forex companies to mediate leverage transactions. There are different regulators around the world who issue this document. Each regulator has its own rules. Security measures are in place.
Regulation: means regulation.
Regulator: the regulator means the controller.

About Withdrawals
Another important issue of credibility is the issue of withdrawals. Everyone wants to take their money from the shares they invest and earn. But it is not always the case. Even in the best and most reliable forex company, the issue of withdrawing your money is prolonged. The important thing here is that complaints about withdrawals do not increase.

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  Monetization Ideas
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:35 PM - Forum: Fundamental Analysis - No Replies

Living in a world built on hope, we humans are tireless in chasing our dreams, adding new ones to each of them to our lives. We believe that the biggest way to eliminate our dreams is through the power of buying money, cash.

Every adult has a job one way or another, his earnings are obvious. But over time, the gain may not be enough, and as the debts grow, they may become non-closing. In such cases, we go to additional ways of finding work, we go on a quest. Friends tell us how to make money, what we need to do, but we can't bring it to real life.

So what are the ideas for making money? How can we make money?
You can make a direct sale without capital, which is usually done by ladies, where they can sell especially to their friends and acquaintances at assemblies they enter. While cosmetic companies lead in this regard, sales representatives gradually earn money through their sales according to their position. It is obvious that representatives in executive positions earn more money. People who do this work earn more with their sales during periods when their products are cheap, buying products with their own money.

What Are The Ways To Make Money?

People who work eight hours a day can find part-time work after working hours. There are people who waitresses, taxi drivers, carry goods, paint and work in construction.

Of course, it is not easy to make money, and money earned can melt away in the face of the smallest expense due to the lack of value.

People who are good with the internet, people who trust their knowledge and ability can earn their income by writing articles published on websites. About this, you can read our article entitled earn money by writing an article on the internet and get detailed information.

Do Photography If You Understand?

By doing additional work, after working hours, especially weekends, the income of photographers is also in a situation that cannot be ignored. Cameramen who understand the art of photography and have the necessary equipment can do External photography with the work they receive from their friends and surroundings. Especially brides and grooms can get the chance to make more money from their active work by taking their best days in photo frames. As is known, from the bride and groom going to the hairdresser in the morning to the end of the wedding, a good place can be obtained in this sector with the wedding story.

In short, if you have skills that you can do outside of your job, you can increase your earnings over time and get out of a financially tight situation.

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  Investment Instruments With The Lowest Risk
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:33 PM - Forum: Fundamental Analysis - No Replies

In particular, small investors strive to generate income by evaluating investments that do not have risk until they use the cash that they will use in the short and medium term. Kredicim.net as a team, we have compiled investments that do not involve risk.

Investment Instruments With The Lowest Risk

At the beginning of investments that do not have risk, you can deposit your existing money to bring income with maturity into term deposit accounts that you will open in banks and financial institutions. The money you deposit into this account, you know in advance how much income it will bring with its return and taxes, and you invest accordingly. But with this investment, your return will be realized in low amounts, even if you do not have a loss.

Another risk-free investment may be to evaluate your savings by buying Treasury Bills. As with a term deposit account, Treasury bills, which we can call term lending to the state, will return to you with interest at the end of the term. Each time the government goes to borrowing, it goes down the borrowing path with a different interest policy. Although the amount of earnings is low, it does not pose any risk to your savings.

If your current cash is a little high, the best return and risk-free investment is the purchase of Real Estate. It is possible to provide high returns with significant investments with your real estate such as land, house, shop and field that you will receive. It is important not to miss the opportunities that you can capture with the location and availability of the real estate you buy. In this business, you can make your investment risk-free by collaborating with good aspiring real estate agents or making affordable purchases in exchange for commissions.

Recent urban transformation has opened the way for the purchase and investment of real estate with state contributions and incentives. It may be possible to provide the investments you will make with appropriate interest-bearing loans. There are appropriate campaigns by banks on interest rates, especially on housing purchases.

If you are considering the investment you want to make in the long term, you can make it by investing in gold with the gold accounts you have opened in the banks. Although there is a risk in the short term, it is reflected in the statistics gained by the accumulation of gold in the long term.

In fact, there are no risk-free investments, but what we are talking about here are those in the lowest risk group. Real investors are risk takers. Of course, no one will want to throw their savings into the street, but all high returns bring risks. It is necessary to know and predict the economic world and expectations in which high earnings are achieved by using loans with the currency of a country with a low interest rate, investing money in foreign currency accounts with high interest rates.

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  What Is A Deposit Account?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:30 PM - Forum: Fundamental Analysis - No Replies

When you go to the bank, the accounts you see in front of you, including term and maturity, are deposit accounts. All coins, foreign currency and precious metals that you deposit in the bank are treated as deposits, and the accounts in which they are located are also called deposit accounts.

Deposit accounts are personal and corporate. Personal accounts are treated as bank savings accounts, while the account opened by an institution is treated as a commercial account. Deposit accounts are generally treated as term and demand accounts. A credit card is an example of a term account. Bank cards are examples of a demand deposit account.

It is also possible to withdraw money from futures accounts and due accounts. A futures account is also an account in cooperation with the bank. A person transfers his term account to the bank with a certain interest. That means you can use the money I invested in you. The bank also pays a certain commission to the person in exchange for using the money, which is the interest that is processed on the money during the period of use of the money. If you withdraw money from the futures account, your interest will also be impaired.

Banks, in particular, open a salary deposit account for their clients who receive a salary and convert these accounts to an overdraft account with an additional account definition. In other words, the automatic payment instructions you provide with the Advance account will be paid by using the additional account, even if there is no money in your account.

Banks buy and sell funds in accordance with your instructions through deposit accounts opened. When purchasing funds for money in your account, an automatic sale is made with your withdrawal and you withdraw the money that was transferred to your account.

With a term deposit account, there are also deposit accounts with notification that the person tells when to withdraw the money they have deposited. If a person withdraws the money he has invested before the date he has requested, his interest will be impaired and the target profit will not be achieved.

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  What is KMH? What Are Its Features?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:28 PM - Forum: Car Loans - No Replies

KMH, short for overdraft account, is a type of loan that differs from need credit, the limit of which is defined in advance to your non-deposit account and which applies KMH interest, which you can use for your urgent cash needs.

Because it is defined in your deposit account, it is your credit limit that you can use thanks to your 24/7 debit cards. The KMH limit is determined on the initiative of the bank, taking into account your credit rating, and can be determined to be no more than three times your salary if you are a bank salary customer.

What are KMH features?

The KMH limit is the cash limit previously set by the bank and defined in your deposit account. It is a type of loan in which you do not pay any costs or interest if you do not use it, as you have a chance to use it at any time. In addition, thanks to KMH, which you can easily use after working hours, you can make cash withdrawals, as well as pay off your debts such as invoices and credit cards, and perform banking transactions such as remittances and EFT. But you can't transfer money to your investment account using KMH, and you can't buy dollars, gold, stocks.

How much interest is paid for KMH?

By using your KHM limit, if there is no cash available to perform transactions such as cash withdrawals, wire transfers/EFT transactions, bill payments through the demand deposit account, you will ensure that your demand account is reduced to a negative balance, and if there is money entering your demand account, the negative balance will be closed.

When calculating KMH interest, interest is executed by taking into account the valor balance and the interest amount is calculated on a daily basis. The calculated KHM interest and tax liability are also accrued to the due account to which it is connected at the end of the month. If you use all of kmh to provide the necessary cash flow through your account, paying at least the minimum payment amount will prevent you from defaulting.

Overdraft account insurance is a type of insurance that is mainly offered for private sector employees and SMEs. In the event that a person working in the private sector becomes unemployed or works for small and medium-sized businesses progress unexpectedly, the debt of KMH is paid regularly, including interest on KMH, thanks to insurance. Looking at their collateral,

Death Benefit
Accidental Disability Coverage
Involuntary unemployment and Daily hospital coverage are seen to come into play under three different negatives.

If the overdraft account is opened by the KMH bank or at your request, we recommend that you be careful during use as a conscious consumer so as not to have problems in the future.

If you need short-term cash and it is a small amount as a limit, withdrawing cash through KMH instead of withdrawing a loan will give you an advantage. But if you have cash, depositing your KMH debt immediately will help you get your business done in a short time, as well as get rid of extra costs such as credit costs.

If you have a plan to withdraw and close a loan for less than 3 months, using KMH instead of paying the loan costs and paying KMH interest will save you a serious expense.

Even if KMH is defined as a type of loan, it is not literally a loan. Interest is charged at the end of the day along with your minus balance, and on a certain day of the month, such as the account deduction date available on the credit card, which usually coincides with the end of the month, if you have money in your deposit account as a debt, it is automatically deducted. If you do not have a surplus money, KMH interest is deducted from your money found in kmh, causing you to borrow even more. For this reason, KMH should not be used with credit in mind and payments should be made regularly.

Customer complaints in KMH interest calculations

Bank customers have complaints about KMH interest calculations and share their complaints on complaint sites on the internet. In order to avoid such situations, we recommend that you regularly monitor your accounts and check whether they are wrong.

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  What's The Quietest Car?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:26 PM - Forum: Car Loans - No Replies

Of course, although many different features are in front of car buyers, many different features such as engine volume, exterior and interior design, automatic and manual transmission system, automatic parking systems, sensors are being investigated in car selection. In addition, sound insulation is actually among the features that conscious users pay attention to. If you want to choose a good car and it is worth the money you will give, if you do not want it to disturb you from the sound of the car inside, in this case you need to choose a car with good insulation.

In general, when we look at the comments as follows, to choose a quiet car model, it is also necessary to review a good price. As you know, the BMW 1 Series vehicles starting at 90,000 TL with a 2015 sale price were as ambitious as the BMW 3 Series. Of course, it is not known if insulation is as good as the BMW 3 Series. But, in the comments made, it seems that the BMW 3 Series has a good place in terms of sound insulation. Again, in addition, Cupra models are unfortunately not very good at insulation. Although there are those who are happy in the A-series, the BMW 3 series looks good in this regard. The Micra is also a quiet car in its own standards, while it is possible to choose which car is the quietest, according to the questions and the list below, according to the volume levels.

As you can see, in general, the sounds produced by vehicles are more or less the same, but the Passat, which is at the top of the list, seems to be fine in this regard. Although the Audi A4 has 67 db, it can be called in the class of vehicles with good insulation. In this case, in the questions about which car is the quietest, it was observed that the Audi A4 is better than the Mercedes C Class. This is among the information shared with you within the user comments. On the Official Web pages of the vehicles, you can view the isolation and the sound levels they produce.

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  Will There Be Diesel Vehicles In The Future?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:24 PM - Forum: Car Loans - No Replies

The question of whether a diesel or gasoline vehicle is one of the most curious issues especially for car enthusiasts in our country.When we look at the data, we see that the answer to this question is used in favor of diesel.Because the diesel version of the same brand and model is more expensive than the gasoline version, although the choice is in favor of diesel.One of the biggest reasons for the user's preference for diesel vehicles is undoubtedly the cost of fuel.But recently, the equalization of diesel and gasoline prices makes diesel vehicles lose their advantage in this regard.But the issue that puts the future of diesel vehicles in danger is complete as this is not.

Are Diesel Vehicles Banned?

With the emergence of negative effects of diesel vehicles on human health and environmental pollution, we can say that sales of these vehicles have decreased in European countries.As for air pollution, gasoline vehicles should not be considered very innocent.

The giant German car company's use of fraudulent software on the measurement values of emissions in its diesel-powered vehicles has further fueled the diesel fuel debate.After these discussions, America and some European countries have taken the path of banning diesel-powered vehicles of this company in their countries.

Carbon emulation released by diesel vehicles causes global warming, causes cancer in the human body has been revealed in many studies.

The negative attitude towards diesel vehicles in European countries has been seen to significantly reduce the sales figures of these vehicles.Although car manufacturers are working on more harmless and low-emission diesel fuel, we can say that their future investment is in electric and hybrid fuels.

What Fuel Will The Cars Of The Future Use?

It is certain that there will be no fossil fuel vehicles in the near future.So, what energy source will be used in cars in the future? Although there are many alternative energy sources, we can say that the cars of the future can be electric in terms of availability.

In fact, the adventure of electric cars is not so new. Electric car technology 19.it has been used since the beginning of the century.However, these cars could not compete against internal combustion engines due to production costs. Today, we see the widespread use of electric vehicles in many European countries.Although electric cars are beginning to be recognized in our country, great tasks fall on our state for the spread of these cars.With tax breaks and incentives, people's orientation to electric vehicles could be increased.

How long do you think it will take for electric vehicles to become widespread in our country? We would appreciate it if you would indicate it in the comments.

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  What To Invest In?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:23 PM - Forum: Housing Loans - No Replies

Home "Stock Market" What To Invest?No matter how long your life lasts, you may want to make the monetary values you have in order to make savings that will provide financial support for your future or those who are left behind into investments that will provide a number of returns. This is generally everyone's wish, but we go into research efforts because we don't know how to invest, what investment we will earn more with.

What To Invest In?

If you have enough cash, you may have made a profit by buying land in the conditions of our country and selling these apartments by building apartments on it. If you do not have land, you can make housing on it under a contract with a person who has land. Although the return of the construction sector varies depending on the region, it is an indispensable investment branch.

Of course, the plot you will get is difficult and requires information, such as homemade. But by making your investments in real estate, you may have invested without making a transaction. Elements that are valued over time, such as real estate that you will receive, land, House, field, are the first elements invested in our country.

If you know about the stock exchange and stocks, you can evaluate your cash on the Istanbul Stock Exchange if you have information about which firm will yield how much, whether the bill will be divided or whether it will give dividends. Even if you have no cash value, you can make a multiple and multiple profit years later with small amounts that you will deposit monthly, and increase the number of lots due to divisions. There are hundreds of valuable and secure firms and companies traded on Forex and the Stock Exchange.

People try to make their investments within their profession and knowledge capacity. Because they know the return of the work they know well and calculate how much money they can make under what conditions. Just as a cook is eager to invest in the food industry, a teacher tries to serve in the field of Education. Because these are the best jobs and investments they know.

Even if the gold accounts opened in banks recently do nothing, people who try to prevent the melting of the money in their hands with the increase in the price of gold are trying to invest by opening a silver, foreign exchange account in the same way.

Today, many rich people spend their investments on real estate, businesses and the arts. Businesses get more returns with invested money. But there is not much investment that small investors can make.

(This is not an investment advice)

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  What is TFX Target? How To Remove The Block?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:19 PM - Forum: Housing Loans - No Replies

TFX Target is an online platform that can be traded 24 hours a week in precious metals with different currency pairs offered by the England Finance Participation Bank. Because it is a Web-based trading platform, it is an application that can be traded with a user name and password obtained by the bank without the need for any application.

Gram-based transactions can be made in mines such as gold or silver on the TFX Target platform, as well as simultaneous transactions can be made in different currency pairs.


Collateralized Transaction Modules,
Forward transaction modules can perform transactions through two different modules.
When processing modules, the customer can show collateral using the account or accounts he wants. If accounts fall to a minus limit, the TFX Target blocking process enters the circuit and the account is blocked. Blocked amounts will be blocked as long as they have an open position on the platform. In addition, when the customer gives an order, the transaction is blocked over the accounts that were traded for the amount that was subject at the time of the order's execution, and the blocking on the account cannot be removed until the transaction is completed.

Difference between TFX Target and Forex

Forex is a leveraged system, but there is no leverage on the TFX Target platform. In other words, while the leverage system can be traded in the form of 10 and multiples of the current account balance; such a transaction cannot be made on the TFX Target platform. In other words, a $ 100,000 transaction cannot be made with a $ 1000 account on the TFX Target platform.

Another important difference between Forex platforms and the TFX Target platform is spread rates, i.e. scissors ranges. When these rates are examined, it is seen that there are more attractive rates on forex platforms.

In the Forex market, this is different from the arbitrage logic that we will explain below, and if you want to withdraw money from the brokerage firm, which is the amount of your collateral, you cannot withdraw money before the end of the transaction, and if you want to withdraw most of the balance, you will receive a collateral call called ‘Margin Call’.

Trading on TFX Target platform

In order to be able to trade on the TFX Target platform, the accounts available at  must be integrated into the platform. In this way, when trading in different currency pairs, there may be a switch or swap between different demand accounts.

Now, given that we will trade in the EUR-USD currency pair with the money in our account, let's assume that we receive euros corresponding to US $ 1,000. The main reason for choosing this transaction is because we think that the euro will gain value against the USD, in which case we need to have both the USD and the EURO account. If you do not have these accounts, you can easily open an account via the internet branch.

Since we think that the euro will gain value, we must have $ 1,000 in our account. Having the EURO account open will also allow us to transfer the euro corresponding to US $ 1,000 to our account. In this way, we can actively use our account and withdraw money at any time, or we can convert USD into euros, realizing that the advantage has been reversed. In short, transactions on the platform are traded with arbitrage logic.

TFX target block removal

As mentioned above, the accounts are blocked along with the reduction of existing accounts to minus the limit, and the accounts are blocked as long as there is an open position. If a stop order occurs at an exchange rate other than the price you give; if the difference between the order price you give and the order price that has occurred is not in your account, you must immediately transfer money to the account. However, in this case, the existing TFX Target block removal process is performed. The block on TFX Target cannot be removed unless the money transfer process occurs.

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