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  How To Buy Stock?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 07:00 PM - Forum: Market - No Replies

Stocks, which are also open to different strategies thanks to the diversity of different sectors and companies, continue to be a profitable investment instrument for investors. Share audits, a valuable document issued by publicly traded companies, are one of the best options for growing your portfolio. In addition to allowing you to get a share of the profits, you can easily evaluate your investments by trading in stocks that also have features such as voting rights and participation in management. Okay, but how?

Stock purchases do not occur in a physical environment. You carry out your transactions through a bank or brokerage firm with an investment account that you will open. It is necessary to be careful when choosing between different investment alternatives, to evaluate the analysis and comments well. Although the support you will receive from professional investment experts will help you do this, mastering the basic concepts of buying and selling stocks will allow you to take more robust steps.

How Are Stock Prices Determined?

When you place a stock trading order, you see stock prices in two ways. A Limited Price refers to the type of price set by the investor, while in a free-priced order, the customer releases the brokerage firm.

How To Buy Stocks Online?

It is now very easy to make stock trading online. Because all you need is an internet connection to make your stock trading transactions. It doesn't matter where you are, you practically give your order, you save time. You can do it through e-branches of banks or brokerage firms.

Stock Exchange In Istanbul

If you want to both trade in Bist and master the latest data with the live stock market screen, you can perform your transactions through the iDeal Live Stock Market screen. You can have ideal for free with, which allows you to connect to Borsa Istanbul anywhere with the internet, via your computer or smartphones.

Buying Through Investment Platform

With stock trading platforms, you can quickly trade, which gives you access to all your investment products from a single app, is a convenient investment platform that you can also use when trading stocks. All software transactions in investor, made expert team, allows you to view and trade all your investments on a single screen, as well as move your open positions to the platform in a few minutes, and with this use, it is the first and only investment program in the world.

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  How Is Stock Market Analysis Done?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:59 PM - Forum: Market - No Replies

It is very important for the future of your investments to conduct an analysis before trading any stock market transactions. For example, if you are going to buy a stock, you need to research the company in which you are going to buy a stock. The main goal in stock investments is to invest in them by identifying shares that will gain value in the future so that your investments can profit you. In order to make this determination, you need to know the analysis methods and make your trading decisions accordingly.

There are 2 types of analysis available in financial markets. These are called” Fundamental Analysis “and” Technical Analysis".

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis tools provide investors who invest in capital markets with information about any changes that may be challenged in the markets. The way to prepare yourself for all kinds of conditions of the market trading in the market is through fundamental analysis. It is entirely up to your analysis and predictions to take the necessary measures to guide your transactions in a way that can be profitable or stop the loss.

If you're buying a stock or bond on the stock market, your goal is earnings with a future dividend or capital increase. For this reason, investments should analyze these changes well and invest in shares or forecasts that will provide them with the highest return.

The growth of the return on stocks depends on economic developments, sector and corporate developments. By analyzing these developments, the actual prices of the shares are found, and purchasing decisions are made by comparing the actual prices with the market prices. According to the simplest logic, if the market price of the stock is below the actual price, the scholar orders a sale if it is above it, you can use fundamental analysis to determine the direction of these orders.

In fundamental analysis, the developments and situation of the economy in different periods are estimated. You can also predict how the sector will be affected by these developments and the changes that companies will experience from these developments in the direction of cash and guide your investments.

Fundamental Analysis;

As a company, 3 lovers are also made.

Technical Analysis
Technical analysis is a price estimate formed by predicting that price movements that lived in the past will also live in the future. Price / time charts are used in technical analysis reviews. Price estimates are made according to similar reactions that will occur in the future by analyzing the prices at that time with the reactions of buyers or sellers at different times. Estimates of future prices in capital markets can only be made using technical analysis tools.

Economic data or other fundamental analysis tools are not examined when performing technical analysis. Because the main goal of the technical analyst is the price of his feelings, the changes he has experienced and the trend. The focus of the technical analyst is supply and demand.

Technical Analysis Methods;

Price Formations,

- Continuity formations,

- Trend change formations,

Moving environments,

Fibonacci numbers,

Composite graphics,

Envelopes / Tapes,

- Bollinger Bands,

Price demonstrators,

- Relative strength index (RSI)

- Directional movement (ADX)

- Stochastic Oscillator

- MACD (moving average convergence / deviation)

– Momentum

Elliot Waves.

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  Ideas To Increase Your Investment Profit
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:57 PM - Forum: Market - No Replies

Investment is the use of it to evaluate your savings and generate income/profit from your savings in the future. These savings that you create with various savings and sacrifices are very valuable for you. Various types of investments are available to assess these accumulations. In order to properly assess these savings, which are very valuable to everyone, you must first decide on the investment vehicle that suits you. If you have not yet decided which investment vehicle to invest in, you can review our blog content entitled “The most profitable investments in the last 10 years”.

You've decided on the right investment vehicle. After that, you need to focus on how you can profit from this investment tool. So what are they?

Be A Conscious Investor

If you want to make a profit, you must first condition yourself to be a conscious investor. Your rush to profit can lead to losses you don't want. If you have decided to become a conscious investor, first investigate whether you have enough information about the type of investment you have chosen. Before investing, find out the advantages and disadvantages of this type of investment against you, whether it matches your expectations. Make it a principle not to invest with hearsay information.

Increase Your Financial Literacy

Aim to constantly improve yourself. If you have chosen “stock market”as your investment tool, you can start investing by increasing your financial literacy. To do this, you can follow newspapers, read books and participate in various trainings. For these, you can check out our institution's free stock market trainings and free e-books. You should try to follow economic news and data by understanding it. You can learn in detail about the importance of following the news when investing in our blog content entitled “How important it is to follow the news in investing”. After applying them, you will now be able to interpret this data and create your own investment decisions. Over time, you will be able to observe that your own investment strategy is formed.

Create Your Own Investment Strategy
You've learned how to create your own investment strategy. So, what is the importance of creating your own investment strategy? Everyone's investment strategy and investment budget are different. Even if you have made the same decision on investments that you will make by hearing from others, it is possible that you will lose while some people win. When investing, you should not be influenced by others and make your decisions without entering into herd psychology. If you are not acting with your individual investment expert, following the advice of people in other media can lead you to loss. Therefore, the investments you make by adhering to your own strategy will give you more profit.

Plan And We Stick To That Plan

In your investment transactions, determine in your mind whether you want to make a long-term investment or a short-term investment before making the transaction. This is the most important stage of the investment plan. He then asked, " how much income do you want to make from this investment vehicle? How much damage are you going to close this process if things don't work out?"you must answer their questions. Our characteristics, which we cannot prevent, such as greed and stubbornness, can be the biggest obstacles to our plans. Remember that you must stick to your plan without succumbing to it.

Don't Succumb To Psychological Factors

Above, we talked about the importance of Education. You should also train your psychology while practicing these trainings. If your psychology is not ready to invest, the other training you will receive will not work. Because in some cases you may encounter, even though you know the truth, your psychology can lead you to the wrong one. Investment psychology is the element that most affects you in your decisions. Detailed information about this topic can be found in our blog content on “the importance of Psychology in investment decisions”.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Before you start investing, no matter how much research you do, there are some issues that you can experience better when you become an investor. Decisions that you make at the beginning of the road, strategies that you apply, sometimes may not lead you to the desired result. You have to review your decisions and determine what you've done wrong. You must never continue these mistakes by being stubborn. Learning from these mistakes and finding the right investment strategy will increase your investment profit.

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  Questions To Ask Before You Are Sure Of Your Forex Position
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:55 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Confidence in yourself and your decisions in the financial markets will give you great advantages. As long as you are sure of the information you have acquired, the movements you have interpreted, the steps you have taken, the position you have taken, you can sign successful works together with your self-confidence. But if you are not sure of any of these actions, you need to question the position you have opened. So, where do you start questioning your transactions? Let's get acquainted with the magic questions that will measure whether you are sure of your position according to the answers you will give.

Have you identified the right investment tool for you?

One of the main steps of forex is undoubtedly the determination of an investment vehicle. When doing research on this subject, you should identify the investment tools that will lead you to success and make the most money in Forex. But more important than these definitions is which investment vehicle you are interested in. You can give priority to investment tools that you can make accurate inferences when analyzing the market and enjoy when tracking the market. Do not observe all investment instruments and be specific. Keep in mind that each investment vehicle has different characteristics. It is useful to research more than one investment tool and direct your interest accordingly. Because instead of focusing on a single investment vehicle, it would be a more accurate strategy to distribute your risks by investing in multiple vehicles.

Did you do a solid market follow-up?

After determining what to invest in in your Forex trading, it is necessary to determine your position strategy by tracking the market. Based on your market tracking, prepare fictions about the investment tools you have identified. Be sure to look at these fictions, which include the data described, price fluctuations, support-resistance point data, before opening a position.

Is Stop Loss on?

Never skip setting a stop loss when creating your position. Because this vehicle is a bulletproof vest that will prevent you from getting hurt. Because stop loss is an order that allows the position to close automatically when the price level set above the instant price is reached. If you're not using stop loss, you're taking risks. Because this order prevents damage for you in connection and power outages, as soon as your sudden work comes out. Stop loss, which allows you to measure your risks and take your steps more safely, will increase your confidence in your position.

Did you compare with your previous positions?

You've made a profit or a loss with the steps you've taken in the market. It will benefit you to be aware that you have gained experience from both situations and that you should use this experience in your next process. So take note of every decision you make, every process that results. These notes, which will form your Forex history, will be a guide to your future transactions. Remember, it's up to you to repeat the past. For this purpose, do not forget the actions you have already done and do not neglect to act in accordance with your experience.

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  5 Tactics That Will Allow You To Conduct Disciplined Trading In Forex
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:55 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

You have heard that forex is not a game, but a trading tool, and success will be captured if it moves forward with this logic. If we consider online forex as a trade, the first item we will consider will be business discipline. Because it is useful to be inspired by our traders who get up early in the morning and take charge of their business, develop ideas with their brilliant intelligence, research them before applying them. The discipline that must be established by the investor can be even the most basic condition of limiting loss while increasing profit. With this philosophy, we came across a few main titles while providing investment discipline and thinking about how to act. Here are the most practical tactics for ensuring transactional discipline.

1) Recognize The Importance Of Discipline In Transactions

Not acting with a certain discipline in Forex Trading and acting inconsistently means keeping the risks near a whistle. Recognize the importance of disciplined trading in Forex to protect against risks, act steadily, and create your strategy according to this plan. If this strategy you have created includes when and how to trade, risk management plans, transaction tracking, you are very successful in this article.

2) Follow The Methods You Set 100 %

After gaining a certain experience, do not stop applying methods that you will create and bring you benefits. Base your analysis on solid foundations and be sure of your inferences. Do not constantly play with your position if there are no special situations and extraordinary movements.

3) Take Notes

Take note of every step you take in the market. Let the decisions you make, the transactions you make, and your profits and losses be present in these notes. Appreciate these notes, because they will be your future strategy, which you will create with your past assessment.

4) Ensure Your Income is stable and continuous

Exceptional earning plans damage the reasonable and continuous winning system. Positions and transactions opened with a great sense of excitement and ambition can cause you to make wrong decisions. Far from the risks, aim to maintain your success with regular transactions that do not have herpes budgets.

5) Focus On Daily Charts

Be sure to review daily charts and follow these charts regularly. Because these charts allow you to approach markets with a more accurate perspective. Many investors think that the moment when they invest is important, they prefer short-time charts. But there is a greater risk of falling into inconsistency in these charts. It will be in your best interest to pay attention to daily charts so that you are not confused and that your step is based on a solid foundation.

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  Reducing Risks In Forex Is In Your Hands
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:54 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

When you start doing research to become a Forex investor, the first question will come to mind: “is Forex risky?"The first thing that comes to mind is that this question identifies the forex market with a system that depends on active variables, moves and brings high profits. The live forex market, which has a hyperactive structure with high volatility compared to stationary and guaranteeing investment instruments, will open the door to big gains with a two-way trading and leverage system if managed correctly. In this case, the second question that comes to mind will be: “how do I protect myself from Forex risks?”

If we need to answer your question in the simplest way, we say that forex risk protection is in your hands. Forex risks; high level of knowledge, acting in the light of concrete data, researcher does not like investors and stays as far away from them as possible. Of course, there are a few conditions for performing successful transactions somewhere away from the risks of Forex. Let's take a look at forex's terms, which are quite low in danger of being manipulated, so give confidence to its investor.

Favorite Type Of Risk Investor; Hasty Investor

The idea of making a fortune overnight that adorns the dreams of a Forex investor is a clear draw written into risks. An investor who dreams utopian dreams with the ambition of playing big and adventure will take great risks. This is certainly not a sign of courage. Remember, forex is never a game. Knowing the indices that strengthen or weaken each other before trading is very important for forex traders.  Especially novice investors may want to adapt the herpes risks they take with the virtual coins they spend on their demo accounts to real life. But forex sometimes requires a protective approach, analysis, knowledge and market reading. It will not be a successful step to take a transaction without knowing what the types of orders, leverage system and market movements mean and to want to achieve a result quickly.

Ability To Solve The Logic Of The Leverage System

The sharpest feature of forex is leverage. A profitable exit from this system, which gives 1 to 10, that is, provides a trading volume 10 times as large as your capital, forms the basic dynamics of forex. This tool, which makes the investor smile when used correctly, also brings risks when used incorrectly. You have to figure out the logic of the leverage system and act with that logic so that you don't meet the losses that will insolent you to the markets. The way you use the leverage system affects you to increase or minimize risk. Determining the leverage ratio by focusing on the results of basic and technical analyses, avoiding spikes and, of course, not neglecting to use stop loss are among the most basic conditions of using smart leverage.

Let Others Shut Up, Let The Analysis Speak

We are sure that you will not like the risks if you base every transaction you make with your Forex account on solid foundations. Instead of acting in the light of your analysis as a result of hard research, accepting rumors whispered in your ear under the name of a tip without question is the quickest way to jeopardize your investment. Forex, which anticipates reading the markets and making rational decisions, will remain a lucrative investment tool that makes you laugh unless you bring the risks closer to you.

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  5 Investors ' Favorite Forex Features
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:53 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Forex, which is considered the largest and most mobile market in the world, soon became an investment tool that was accepted very quickly by our country's investors and learned quickly. If we focus on the reasons for the rapid spread of forex, which gives the investor the freedom to trade 24 hours a day and gives the investor confidence because it is a global market, we will encounter many items. This market, which we summarize as age-appropriate, fast, safe and profitable, will gradually gain investor sympathy with its advantages.

High Liquidity Advantage

Some markets are stagnant and the movements it offers its investor are limited. But this situation is quite foreign to the forex market. Because this market is known for its high liquidity characteristics. There is no such situation as not being able to find buyers and sellers when investing in Forex, there are always buyers and sellers in the market. In this market, investors can trade both in the direction of buying and selling. The always busy online forex market is indispensable for foreign exchange investors thanks to its fast-moving prices. Investors who profit from changes in prices get good gains in a short time thanks to the conscious decisions they make with the advantage of high liquidity, and easily cash their investments.

A Market That Cannot Be Manipulated

The Forex market, 5/24 is a market traded all over the world, so the total trading volume is very large. Because it is a market with a large number of investors, it is free of manipulative effects. The fact that the market, where the trading volume is so high, cannot be manipulated, gives the investor confidence in their transactions. In this way, investors have the opportunity to receive the correct signals they expect from analysis.

Investment Vehicle Diversity

An advantageous forex market, which is a global market, offers the investor rich investment opportunities. This makes it easier to make money with forex. Currencies of various countries of the world become the subject of the forex market. In addition to the seven major currencies, all currencies defined as minor (Exotic) are traded freely in this market. The variety of investments offered by vivid forex is enriched by commodities. Precious metals, industrial metals, agricultural products, energy products, foodstuffs, chemicals, raw materials, forestry products are traded on the forex market with the advantages of being low risk. In addition to foreign exchange and commodities, it can also be traded with world-famous stock and stock market indices. An investor who knows that the right to choose from the options we consider is very diverse, chooses the investment tool that is the most accurate and confidently evaluates his capital with these investment tools.

Lifter's Winning World

And perhaps the most prominent feature of the forex market, which excites investors the most; leveraged trading. Thanks to this transaction, investors have the opportunity to trade up to 10 times their money. Leverage, which allows you to sign lucrative transactions when used consciously, can also bring risks. A leverage system is vital for investors who manage to eliminate this risk with the right orders and analyses given.

Bidirectional Operations

A two-way transaction is a huge feature that earns the investor both when prices rise and fall. In financial markets, it is a well – established logic to buy when the price is low, to sell when the price rises, and to profit from the difference in buy and sell. But the forex market creates an alternative to this logic, giving its investor a profit when prices fall or rise

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  Forex Trader's Gold Hit; Choosing The Right Broker
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:53 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

The basic requirement of starting investment transactions in Forex is to choose a brokerage firm and conduct its activities in this way. The bond between you and the Forex market is established by brokerage firms. But the brokerage firm chosen to invest should be evaluated not only in terms of fulfilling a requirement, but also in terms of being the investor's most reliable companion in the investment adventure. Because secure forex brokerage firms share their infrastructure with you. It provides your connection with the market, informs you about the subject, provides analysis and training support. Brokerage firms that you will feel their presence in every transaction that you make in the financial markets should therefore respond to your needs and security concerns. Choosing the best among the many brokerage firms available in Turkey will take you one step ahead of other investors. You have to be very careful when choosing your companion to prepare for the financial markets together and conduct your transactions. The answers given to you by brokerage firms during your interrogations reveal that they will be good or unsuccessful companions. Here are the basic questions you'll ask when choosing your secure broker.

Does the SEC have a license certificate?

Forex is a legal financial market that is managed and controlled throughout the world. In our country, companies that comply with the requirements set by the CMB (Capital Markets Board) are issued license certificates. Note that your chosen institution is approved by the SEC as a legally licensed forex company. So you can move forward by relying on the actions you take and the steps you take.

Does it Provide Free Demo Account and Training Support?

Training is essential to make rational investments in the Forex market, to deal with risks and to be a good investor. A brokerage firm that will inform you about the market and organize trainings with a team of consultants who are experts in their field, your first preferences should be among you. These trainings inform you in detail about what to look for in the market, the use of orders, the leverage system and other tools to use. With free forex seminars and other trainings, you discover the conscious investor within you. After these trainings, you can take a safe step into the investment world with brokerage firms that offer free demo account opportunities and have your investment experience by allowing you to practice.

Is its technological equipment enough?

Brokerage firms, whose infrastructure you will use to invest, must have a solid technological infrastructure so that you do not encounter any problems and do not break away from the markets. You should definitely Research brokerage firms where you can use fast, reliable trading platforms that allow you to track fluctuations in the market. In addition, brokerage firms that dominate mobile applications that allow you to make transactions at any time will make your business even easier.

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  Advantages Of Investing In Agriculture In The Forex Market
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:52 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

One of the most important features of the Forex market is that its investment areas are quite wide. Forex, which is not only interested in money markets, also allows the investor to evaluate commodities. With the infrastructure provided to you by your chosen brokerage firm, you can invest in commodities over the internet without having to physically own them. Agriculture is the investment option known for its low risk forex investment, which allows us to invest in precious metals, industrial metals, energy and forestry products, foodstuffs, chemicals, raw materials.

The underlying reasons for choosing this type of commodity, which offers gains to investors who partially know about the agricultural sector, cover their area of interest or enjoy conducting research on agriculture, are quite strong.

Variety Of Agricultural Commodities

Among the advantages of investing in agricultural products that are effective in maintaining human life and forex, there is a large variety of investments. You can focus on which agricultural products you are interested in or which products you believe will bring more profit. Among the agricultural commodities traded in Forex, there are many alternative agricultural products, as well as basic foodstuffs such as wheat, corn, cotton, cocoa, sugar.

Agricultural Commodities Give Investor Confidence

Agricultural commodities, in addition to being diverse and offering options to investors, have many advantages.  Because the Forex market is not physically traded, the investor is exempt from storage and logistics costs that are important for the agricultural sector. Agricultural commodities, which are far from the problems that logistics and storage loads can create and offer great convenience to the investor with their fast transactions, are also known for their low risk ratio. Confidence is growing every day in these commodities, which allow them to invest with low capital due to the fact that market tracking can be easily carried out, surprise fluctuations are not often observed, and they are cheap in terms of price. Agricultural commodities, which are safe and highly profitable investment instruments in the long term, also guarantee that their value will continue exponentially, as they cover products that enable us to live our lives. Agricultural commodities interpreted by market professionals as " investment of the future” ; combined with the advantages of forex, it is a unique investment opportunity. For an investor who does not prefer to evaluate their capital in a single investment vehicle and wants to diversify their investment portfolios, agricultural commodities will be a tremendous opportunity to be evaluated.

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  How To Conduct Stock Transactions In Forex?
Posted by: admin - 10-16-2020, 06:51 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

How about we tell you that you can invest in very powerful companies located on the other side of the world from where you sit, and also note that you can earn even when shares lose value, you can increase the rate of profit that you will receive up to 10 times? Conditions that will excite everyone with an investor Spirit are not a scenario that we have created. All of these are the advantages that forex, the world's most mobile and fast market, offers in equity investments.

For many years, you have the opportunity to make stock transactions on the stock market from the forex market. Moreover, this possibility stands out with irrefutable advantages when used correctly. For example, thanks to forex's bidirectional trading feature, you can also make gains when shares lose value, and you can increase your profit ratio in Forex by using the features of the leverage system in your transactions. Since investments are made in world-famous companies such as McDonald's, Google, Facebook, you can easily track shares, perform your basic and technical analysis in a practical way, and start your transactions.

Starting Stock Investments In Forex

If you have decided to invest in stocks in the Forex market, your first step will be to choose a legal forex company. When choosing, make sure that your brokerage firm has received SEC approval and offers a Takasbank guarantee. You should get detailed information about the market from your brokerage firm, participate in the trainings given, and conduct research on stocks. Thanks to the free trial account offered to you by your brokerage firm, you gain experience, conduct risk analysis and determine your investment strategy. It is useful to recognize the importance of Demo accounts and act accordingly. Because experience in stock trading is one of the basic conditions for making a profit. Once you have enough experience about the market, you can switch to your actual account. In your investments, you can safely take your steps according to the signals you will receive from the analysis by tracking the market about stocks.

Forex's Equity Investments

The logic that distinguishes investing in stocks in the Forex market from the stock market is the feature of two-way trading. In the stock market, shares are bought when their prices are low, sold when they increase. Live Forex also has this logic, but the fact that you can also make money when stocks are falling is one of the most positive advantages of this market. This market, which allows you to make a profit by acquiring investment experience with the most famous companies in the world, is quite easy to follow. After gaining a certain experience, it is quite simple to predict future price movements, evaluate instant fluctuations. 5/24 in this investment tool, where you can trade, you can use forex's speed, reliability and winning features to the fullest.

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